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Full Version: Beta versions will not download-IP being banned
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I get notifications that the beta versions are available, press update, and it does not download.  Found the IP being blocked inside Vuze due to bad data.

[10.01.2017 22:26:19]    [Azureus5741-B14-signed.jar] has been banned
[11.01.2017 01:30:44]    [Azureus5741-B14-signed.jar] has been banned
[11.01.2017 00:43:44]    [Azureus5741-B14-signed.jar] has been banned

Also, when I change the option in IP to NOT ban bad data sources, I get this:

[11.01.2017 19:45:59] has sent bad data: occurrences = 184151

Any thoughts?