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Getting confused I have a slightly better question then the last one. In particular it is meant for those who use the program, and live in Australia As I said previously in my other post, I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2. and thankfully after running my computer back to a September backup, everything is running smoothly once again, and Vuze is fine... However my searches are a little mixed up I have installed the search templates (still have no idea how these work exactly) but they allow me to type in what I am looking for within the app, they search a variety of torrent sites, and used to work fine, and they gives me options of where to find what I am looking for Recently... Because of our government, I am not too sure if it is something wrong on my end or not, the only searches I get any response from is (I won't say cause it might get blocked) but a variety of other torrent sites/tempaltes are either not working, or it's my internet, or it's the search templates, I have no idea.  Is anyone else having similar problems  I can still use a VPN and get the torrent or magnet link I need but putting it in manually gets annoying after awhile