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Full Version: Xbox transcoding
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I used to be able to drag and drop an MP4 file into my Xbox to be transcoded/converted....however you say it...and it would give me two options...HD or SD. I would choose HD and it would be ready instantly. Now when I drop it into the Xbox, it comes up with all of the different types. 1080p (h.264), 720p (h.264), 480p, 1080p (MPEG-2), 720p (MPEG-2), etc....
When I drop it into the is now taking 10-15 minutes to transcode the file like it does with my blu-ray player. Did I screw up a setting? Is this an issue with a recent update? Anyone else having this problem? It's not an mkv problem. It is after I rebox the file to MP4. It is also doing it with avi files. Can't figure it out. Might have to delete and reinstall Vuze but I don't want to have to re-download everything I have saved. Any help is appreciated.