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Full Version: DVD Wont Go Pass Authoring DVD - HELP!!!!!
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For Some Reason All Of A Sudden Vuze Wont Finish Burning My DVDS - It Confirms Everything And Download But Them Get Stuck Once It Says Authoring DVD - Any Sugestions? Its Been Burning Fines For The Pass 2 Years And All Of A Sudden Just Stopped
DVD Authoring freeze. With my last VUZE update I am suddenly unable to complete my DVD burning, it freezes at authoring.... , I have restarted VUZE and I have paid fo rhte unlimited DVD burning access. Need  Help.
Can you create a '' (go to the Help menu in Vuze and select the last option). When doing so select 'manual send' and then send the generated file to

(03-29-2017, 08:22 AM)'parg' Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Paul,

I have done as you ahve requested and send you the screen shot and e-mailed them directly from my home PC where I use the VUZE program, hope you can solvet this problem,

Thanks Paul