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Full Version: Health status error does not work anymore
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Until (I think) the latest build when I would right click a torrent in my library, it would say health status error when the actual file was deleted. This was a very handy tool because I could select all (cmd + a) downloads and right click my mouse, making it show all my torrents that I had deleted the files for, making it easy to clear my library. 

This does not work anymore, the workaround I have to use now to see which files I deleted is by selecting all and do a force recheck, as to make it download the files again that are deleted. This is a bad solution of course because it will actually try to redownload, so that I have to see in my list of current downloads which are the ones that I actually wanted to delete instead of redownload.

I don't know if this status error has been removed on purpose or that I should check if the files are deleted on a different way, but it would be nice if the feature could come back.

How about right-click -> Advanced -> Files -> Check Files Exist ?