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Full Version: cross seeding?
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Yes my private trackers support this, however is there any tutorials with Vuze how to cross seed?  I download a scene release, and am at 100%.  Load same scene release from another tracker and load stopped.  Point it to the files from the other release and try force checking.  All files say hash match failed.  Even though they are the same files and the same length.  Thoughts?


Sounds like you know what you're doing, but try this. CAUTION!  backup your existing download. 
Load new torrent and allow it to allocate HDD space.  Check the file size that the new torrent created against the file already downloaded. If they are the same size (as you have have already stated), ensure that the downloaded file is named the same as the new file created by the new torrent and then replace the new file with your downloaded file via cut & paste, then do a "force check" on the new torrent.
This method I use frequently as it is less demanding from a "process" perspective and much more reliable than re-targeting. 

Remember, backup your downloaded file first!