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Full Version: Is it obvious to use a VPN?
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As far as I understand, vuze operates with some anonymizing technologies, such as tor and proxy. But I’ve seen that the most of the forum community installs a VPN which performs the same functions.  Is it really necessary to use a VPN service? Why do I need it?
If your connections are not filtered or throttled (e.g. by your ISP or government) and you do not believe that you will be prosecuted by the content that you download, I can think of no reason for going through a anonymizing service. Otherwise you may benefit from one.

I believe that a paid VPN will offer better bandwidth than going through Tor, but regarding anonymity I am not sure what would be your best bet. As for alternative technologies, I cannot say.
Depending on your download content, yes, it is obvious.  There are no other measures that will serve to mask your IP adequately. including those you have mentioned