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Full Version: Vuze Remote
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I am traveling for several weeks and have been using to keep half an eye on things at home. Does the status 'Seeding complete' mean stopped or archived? Or something else?

Having a web interface certainly gives the greatest flexibility for remote access, but after spending the last couple of months familarizing myself with the many extended features of Vuze, it has been a bit of a shock to be using the web interface. I was wondering how difficult it would be to allow an instance of Vuze itself (on my laptop) to operate as the remote interface (to m dexktop at home)? Could you establish full feature availability with such a system? I guess that qualifies as a feature request though I admit I have absolutely no idea how challenging or complex it would be to implement that?
Have you tried using the remote app (Android only unfortunately)

It has a lot more features than the basic HTML one.

Other than that your best bet is to use a remote desktop/VNC etc connection

I the mean time what does 'Seeding complete' mean?