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Full Version: Infinite ETA
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Seasons Greetings yah filthy animals. ;)
I've been having an issue. 

For a majority of some time, I've been unable to complete a download on Vuze due to their going into some kind of stasis with an infinity symbol as the ETA either instantly upon opening the torrent or sometime during downloading.
I have screen captures:
[Image: nzsk5Ix.png]
[Image: dktiJ65.png]
[Image: lDlVb9t.png]

The source of the torrent doesn't matter, I've gotten two of the same content from two different sources and still have this experience with both. The screen captures actually depict this. 

What exactly is this issue and how can it be resolved?

It appears the download in the first screen capture resumed and completed during the night and I've deleted the duplicate of it. 
The one in the second screen capture however still remains and this is actually about my third or fourth attempt this particular torrent, from at least two sources and this same result each time with never a single % of progress.