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Full Version: Add StartupWMClass to .desktop file
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In order to make Vuze work better in GNOME, please add the following line to the [Desktop Entry] stanza of the azureus .desktop file:


This will prevent duplicate entries from being displayed on the GNOME dock.
Hmm, we have a vuze.desktop file as part of our linux distribution - no azureus.desktop though...

The current contents of vuze.desktop is

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Multimedia Bittorrent Client 
Exec=vuze %f
GenericName=Multimedia Bittorrent Client
I think that may be my packager then ( If you think I should request with them I will but I figured they're just packaging up your source.  In either case, when I add that to my .desktop file, it prevents duplicate entries in GNOME's dock (and might help with other desktop environments also).  It's something that's specific to Java applications.