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Full Version: Can't Download ANYTHING
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Since the update, I haven't been able to connect to peers, or download ANYTHING. I get an angry red face on the far right corner, and the tracker states connection error. 

Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, I just started having an issue with Vuze. No matter what I try to download, I get the below error message:

Error : I/O Exception while initializing download of '' Connection reset

I've browsed the forum and I have ensure I have the latest version of Java. This problem seems to have popped up overnight. No prior indications of issues. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, 
Same problem as above.
Message reads ERROR: I/O exception while initializing download of '''''''''''''''''''''''''' connect exception connection refused: connect
I've been using vuze plus for years. No upgrades or programmes added to computer.
Was working fine a week ago and now can't download anything from anyone.