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Full Version: Downloads stalls for a while on torrent completion
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Azurues download stalls for a while but the upload remain ok when a download is completed, after a while it resumes the download at full speed. This was introduced at version and remains in version V5.7.3.1 B23, in the version this don't happen. Another think is that I have a huge list of torrents (around 6000, with +4000 completed, 16+active downloading) and slow internet (7mbit), this can be the reasom for having discovered this performance regresion.

I think that is related to this version bugfix: "Core | Ensure 'on download complete' actions aren't fired while incomplete downloads are in a pending state [Parg]", well it was the only from the bugfix list that I think can be the cause plus I'm not sure if actually fix a real bug through the ability to activae or deactivate it can be useful.

Java 1.8.0_102 (32 bit)
Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32

PD. I don't have problem to test a beta or custon build to test if its fixed, but the next week workdays I'm going to be traveling.