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Full Version: Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?
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I 'think' since I last upgraded Vuze on my Mac (Yosemite) I now get asked EVERY time I open Vuze - Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?. I click allow every time, no probs, it all works. But I don't have an 'Always Allow' option. What do i change to not have this nag me every time I start Vuze - it's annoying?!


I think there's something to do with having a badly signed Vuze application that can cause this - not sure why it would have started happening though as this problem was 'solved' a while back.

You could try over-installing Vuze with the latest version (don't uninstall, just install it again) - see if that helps.
Prior to posting (I should have added!) I actually totally uninstalled Vuze and then reinstalled it, but that made no difference!
hi guys .... so I too keep having this message pop up every time I open my Vuze app & never before has this occurred. I did what parg said to do & the second it finished installing - it launched & BOOM here's this annoying message. See, I guess it wouldn't really bother me if I knew EXACTLY everything this "allow/deny" decision was exposing me to. Unfortunately, I am not a Torrent/Vuze/Seed/Swarm .... the lingo list goes on :) .... GURU.... I wish I was. So first question.... Am I supposed to be selecting "Allow"? Is this ok to do? I guess what intimidates me about this is... one: its never happened before in the 4-5 years of using this software... two: the huge yellow ! sign & three: the fact it tells me I can change the settings later in my Firewall pane in Security & Privacy prefs. :( UGH.... I have some other issues as well I really need a pro to help me (pro as in anyone willing & able to break this down for me so I understand WTH has happened to my setup) Ill explain briefly and if I need to repost another thread or something I can do that as well. As I said, I usually don't comment, ask, post etc on these things so I don't know the proper etiquette so I apologize in advance if I "break the rules" or annoy somebody bc I didn't do something the right way :)

Ok - here we go.... years ago when I first started using Vuze - I noticed my movie downloads were taking like DAYS to finish. So I switched some settings around, forwarded ports I think & all was cool .... well recently I updated my Macbook pro to Yosemite & it screwed up some of my Adobe CS6 programs as well as my Vuze.... figured out what the deal was, fixed it - blah blah. Ok.... so now the prob is - when I try to download any torrent file - it doesn't do anything but sit there in my "downloading tab" at 0% forever - not sure if its related to the switch or not.... the last time I succeeded in downloading a file was 12/28/14. If I'm not mistaken - a few weeks ago when I went to open Vuze it told me there was a newer version available & I needed to update/install it. That was on 12/18/14. Nothing else that I know of has been updated or changed between the updated Vuze version on the 18th & now - well aside from me installing Vuze again like you guys said do bc of that pop-up message. (ps... i did exactly like you said & just installed over what I have rather than un-install first.) I would so greatly appreciate any info & direction y'all can give me. I don't even know where to begin to try & troubleshoot this on my own. I am very computer literate & can usually fix any probs I'm having but the technical guts of torrents & Vuze & all of this is not in my area or expertise :) thanks y'all hope to hear from someone soon .... again sorry if I shouldn't have asked this here - just tell me what I need to do to request this the right way & I will follow suit ... thanks again
its been asking me to 'allow' connections for months now even though I have it set to allow in my firewall only turning the firewall off completely removes the prompt (obviously not a long term solution) I've just put up with it think i shoulda just stuck with snow leopard and possibly avoided all these problems lol
Long time user ;
This problem seems to happen with certain updates and not with others.
It is an annoying problem , because I usually set Vuze to DL at night while I am asleep, and if I don't click "allow", Vuze is open, but does not download anything.

It happened with the previous version of Vuze for a few weeks (couple of months?), but since I downloaded the latest version ( this morning , it seems to be okay.

If it starts happening again in the next update after this, I will probably switch back to this one.
It is an application signing thing - if the is correctly signed (which of course it should be) then OSX doesn't keep bothering you with that prompt.