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Full Version: Vuze freezes/locks immediately on opening, unusable? (Mac)
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For some reason, recently Vuze has started crashing/freezing on opening and wont go any further.

I go to open it but it gets to the opening window and simply freezes up with the spinning pinwheel of death until I do a force quit - no list of files is displayed or anything. I cant even open it to see which version of Vuze it is. I tried to download it and install it again (without deleting the old one) and exactly the same thing happened.

I'm hesitant to do a full reinstall as I am running Torguard desktop and know when I was setting that up, they took me through the process to have it run automatically when Vuze is open so I wont necessarly need the VPN slowing my normal browsing speeds down. I was using utorrent previously but that doesnt have that option available, or at least didnt back when I began with Torguard and them suggesting to use Vuze.

Any idea what could be happening or how to solve it? To be honest, I've been a little underwhelmed with Vuze at times, eg torrents just stopping and requiring restart of Vuze to get them going again (of course noticed only after I'd have expected the download to finish) but had never had a single issue, problem or crash with utorrent in all the previous years of use prior to Vuze.
Thanks in advance!

I'm running a late 2010 desktop Mac (though with more recent upgrades in Ram and flash drives) with El Capitan OSX 10.11.16