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Full Version: Vuze no longer appearing in Tivo 'Now Playing' list
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Not sure if this should be under 'Devices' or 'General Support', but, with (I think) the latest update, I no longer see Vuze on either one of my Tivo's "Now Playing" list. Is there something I need to enable in settings for this to happen. The software is otherwise working fine, and both Tivos appear on the Device Playback list. Thanks in advance...

Since an update earlier this year by TiVo, there have been complaints showing up on here and elsewhere that TiVo Roamios no longer "see" media servers like Vuze.  However, updated Roamios apparently still see TiVo Desktop Plus (i.e., the for-pay version of TiVo Desktop), which seems to indicate that the change is a ploy by TiVo to force TiVo owners to purchase TiVo Desktop Plus.  If your TiVo is a Roamio, I suspect that this may be your problem.

I have a TiVo HD XL, and it still connects fine with the most-recent version of Vuze, BTW (V5.5.0.0/4).