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Full Version: Auto download of a series of Queued items
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I never had a problem with this, but now, if I have a series of items, download will not continue to Item 2 (or any other item) after Item 1 finishes.  Item 1 will complete and begin to seed. I do NOT want to increase the number of downloads at any one time--of course that slows them down. I want to download Item 1, then Item 2, then Item 3 all as quickly as possible, with no "bottleneck"--IN A ROW.  For purposes of this question I don't care what order, I just don't want to start a series at bedtime and only have 1 finished and seeding.

At this point I'm looking at my Library and all my still-to-download items are marked QUEUE. I can Force Start Item 2, but it will finish and not continue to Item 3.  I can Force Start them all, but then the whole block of them download slowly.... By the way these items are videos.

Sorry if this cramps anyone's style, but please assume that my system and my download ability is all FINE, because it is. My only issue is above, so please don't ask about leechers or smiley faces or if I have Number Lock on (joke), etc.  Thanks

*I don't think it matters, but I use magnet links, I don't download torrent files.