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Full Version: Subscriptions in App
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There is a feature to view "Swarm Discoveries" in the Android app, but I do not make use of that feature.  I use RSS feeds as part of the "Subscriptions" feature.  Is there a way to see the subscriptions in the same format or in the same pane as Discoveries?

I show that the back end has some sort of support for it:
Quote:0.6.1: Subscription RPC fix.
0.6: Subscription support.
Whoohoo, someone noticed things! :D

There's no Subscriptions in the Android app yet, but it's the next planned feature to be added.  As you noticed, I added Subscriptions RPCs to the xmwebui plugin, so that I could release a new Android app without requiring users to upgrade their remote client.

There's no timeline for the next major release.. it really depends on how many rogue bugs there are in the current 2.5 release that I have to fix.
(09-28-2016, 12:53 PM)'ArronM' Wrote: [ -> ]Whoohoo, someone noticed things! :D
Sounds good, I think it will be a useful feature!  Make sure to get a screenshot of it in the play store.