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Full Version: new window keeps trying to open every time i try to download a new torrent to it
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i'm using windows 10. i have been using Vuze for close to 10 years now. now all of a sudden every time i try to add a new torrent while it running, it tries to open a new window with fails do to multiple windows open. i can still add it if i "End Task" it to close the window but this is very annoying and take a lot of time. i've seen other threads about this but none of them have worked or i'm just totally doing them wrong.
Can anyone help me?
anyone? anything?
yea got the same issue here, need to completely exit the program to be able to donload next torrent, since it insist on open a completely new version of the program each time,..
Same problem for me too :(
A clean instal don't the problem for me :(
If I change the default program for .torrent (by ĀµTorrent), there is no problem (for ĀµTorrent)
When I put Vuze as default program again, the problem is there again :(

I need help too