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Full Version: Placeholder files?
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My "About Vuze" system information: Java 1.8.0_25; Oracle Corporation; SWT v4233, win32; Windows 7 v6.1, amd64; V5.4.0.0/4 az3

I opened a torrent file and unchecked most of the files included as I only want one of them. However, even though I unchecked them, Vuze still allocated the full 70Gb of hard disk space.
So then I decided to download some of the ones I originally unchecked, however after much much searching and researching online, going to the files tab and highlighting the files that were originally unchecked,  I still can't find any information about how to then download them... So I figure maybe I'll remove the torrent and start over and this time let it download more of them. However, Vuze doesn't recognize that this is the exact same torrent file (which is understandable since I deleted it from the library), so it says I have insufficient disk space.
How do you get Vuze to clean up after itself? (remove allocated space for which there are no torrents in the library)? Or how do I do it manually?
I checked my main SSD where I had my last Vuze install on a while back, and see that I only have 64Gb of files yet my 96Gb drive is almost full (and my backup and pagefile is not on that drive). I bet Vuze has some allocated space wasted on that drive as well... all this time... :(

This is my third time typing this. The first time I clicked "Post Thread" yet nothing was posted. I verified under my user name and it said 0 posts. I tried a second time, but I hit backspace while composing the message, and the webpage backed up and I lost everything again.