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Full Version: (Seeding) ETA until share ratio reaches X:1
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I'm sorry if this is not the correct place to post this. I've searched the internet with no avail. I'm looking for a column in vuze that shows how much time is needed until the share ratio of a torrent reaches a certain value (preferably 1:1). Any help is appreciated.
Hmm, I could look into adding that to the 'share ratio progress' column - I'll take a look
Thank you for the quick response. Can't wait for future vuze updates.
If you join the beta program ( and update to B09 then the 'share ratio progress' column should show the ETA to when the (next) share-ratio is met as a prefix to the existing display:

<eta>: <(next)share ratio>: <date>

You can right-click on the column heading to change the share ratio target.

Hopefully this does what you want!