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Full Version: invisible files
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when i attempt to delete a torrent from leap, i get a pop-up saying, "remove this torrent task from leap?" with a yes and a no selection box as well as a check box option to "delete associated files from storage." if the file is in process of downloading and i unselect "delete associated files from storage" and select yes to remove the torrent from leap, no file appears in my local download location, but the file size in its entirety is used up on my hard drive. i've checked my entire drive for temp torrent files and can find nothing. where are vuze leap temp files stored and how do i go about accessing/deleting them? i literally have 4GB of space being used for an incomplete torrent file. please help. thanks in advance. 

*i am using leap for mac.
anybody out there? hello! *echo*
Hello cschiu,

Sorry for the late response.

The files you're looking for are in the Leap download folder(by default ~/Downloads/LeapTorrents/, unless you changed it in settings which if you did you will need to change the path accordingly) where you will find two extra hidden folders: .incomplete/ and .resume/.

In .incomplete/ you will find the files not yet downloaded completely and in .resume/ the metadata(one copy of the .torrent file and one .resume for each torrent plus two other global status files). You can remove the files in the incomplete folder by accessing it with "Go to folder .." in Finder and insert the download path: ~/Downloads/LeapTorrents/.incomplete/ (default).

In order to avoid this situation in the future you can always check the "delete associated.." option in the pop-up.
Thank you for the thorough reply! Very much appreciated.