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Full Version: Please Explain Shaded 'File' Size Info...
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Hello, I recently downloaded an otherwise healthy torrent (10 seeds) but in the menu 'File' column of Vuze, the size, '446.42K' is shaded (i.e. not bold, like the others) AND the torrent doesn't seem to be alive.

(In fact this is the same case with a couple other torrents).

I can't seem to find anywhere on WikiVuze what this means.

Can somebody please explain?

Thank you!
Yes, of course. Silly me.
Havokdan\ dateline='\'1473066693' Wrote: [ -> ]Screenshots?


Yes, of course. Silly me. As you can see there is a list of greyed-out torrent sizes here.

Also, I mentioned it before as 'File' in the menu, when it is 'Size'.

Something tells me it's a super obvious explanation, so go easy on me!
Where is the column with the number of peers, seeders? Only part of the image you put it, it is assumed that these torrents have one of the following "problems":

1 - There seeders them;
2 - There connectivity issue them;

Also I confess, I'm used to using the flat view instead that you use.