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Full Version: Problems finding downloads after reloading Vuze
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My computer went kaput so I replaced it. I reloaded Vuze Plus and transferred the torrents from the old computer. When I have tried to search for a movie or music download using the torrents, I am not finding any relevant downloads. Has anyone had this problem andĀ if so, is there a solution. Sorry, but I am unable to give examples!
Check whether the partition where downloads was located has the same letter assigned as it had before "computer went kaput".
I don't speak English well, but it seems to me that you are referring to "Meta-Search" feature of Vuze, is it? If it is, the Vuze brings by default only a few templates that function as source for the search results, and being all those sites that only offer legal content, however you can browse the web and search for "templates" to various sites that offer other content (although lately has not created more new templates out there).
I am having the exact same problem. I upgraded, and all the good torrent downloading sites disappeared from the "Results" section. Very frustrating.