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Full Version: [Tracker] Can't download from tracker over UDP
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Hey guys!

Since the last 3 day's I try to download Torrents from my Vuze tracker server. All ports are Ok on server and client. But when I try to download a torrent file (it's on Super Seeding) then my ĀµTorrent client say "Connection timed out.".

I don't know where the problem is.

Screenshots of the server prefs:
[Image: connection01xgspi.png][Image: queue01trsni.png][Image: queue02mosge.png][Image: queue037osta.png][Image: queue04r6stj.png][Image: queue05wos16.png][Image: trackerserverprefs01hash1.png][Image: trackerserverprefs02rlsd0.png][Image: sharinggqslh.png]
Ok, now I changed the external IP adress of the tracker from a hostname (*pacefalm*) to the IP. Now my client download only 2 MB and then nothing more. But in Vuze the torrent is green.

Edit: Meh! Now ĀµTorrent show the status "Connection ID mismatch". :(
Ok I think this thread can be closed. The problem is on me. :)
Excellent :)