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Full Version: Vuze Plus + pop up window appear on launching Vuze
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Hi there,

Every time I launch Vuze Plus (+) a window pops up which says 'thank you for upgrading to Vuze Plus' and get started button. I had an exisiting Vuze + subscription on another computer and this never happened so must be something with Vuze latest version. To be honest it is just super annoying as if I am downloading files then I have to keep closing this welcome window every time I launch Vuze for the first session time.

My activation code is there when I click on check my licence etc so no idea why this window needs to open as I don't wish to burn dvd's or use all of the options available, I only use 'play now' feature at the moment. I cant see any option to stop this 'thank you for upgrading' window opening on launch.

Vuze Plus just used to appear automatically in the side bar in older Vuze versions which is fine, but I really would prefer not to see the welcome window all the time.

I am using MAC OS 10.11.13 El Capitan and Vuze

Sorry guys its not a real technical question just a super annoying GUI issue I guess. I can live with it for a while but would prefer it to stop.

Many thanks