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Full Version: ERROR: socket failed...
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I have had this error since using Vuze on an XP box and I cannot fix it. uPnP does not seem to work via Vuze with my router so I have forwarded ports manually on it. Initially I used the same port as is the default in the settings but my router does not like this (even though it does give the option to do so!) so opted to have the UDP port one higher than the TCP port. Sometimes I pass both port tests in Vuze and sometimes not. I know port forwarding does work with some apps as I have made it work with eMule. I used the DMZ option for a time but that does not seem to work either as it used to with another router I used to use.

My most recent problem that has just started to occur is that when going to a website in Chrome or Firefox the site will not load. Hitting refresh or having to type the address in again (it gets lost) and again eventually connects to the site but often the whole page does not load. Other computers and devices on the network do not have connection issues at all. This was not a problem until a few days ago.

I am fairly sure this box has had the default XP TCP limit extended and that I am on the long-term XP updates scheme. I am running about 60 or so torrents at the moment but other than that I cannot provide any more details unless asked as I do not know what more information is required.

Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated. I know very little when it comes to networking and while I do realise XP is crap at it in the modern age I don't have an alternative at the moment. Cheers.