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Full Version: Routing stays yellow & downloads show blue health
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I have just started to use Surf Easy VPN. I have configured Vuze so that it binds to local ip address or interface -eth8;eth9 which are the TAP Windows adapters 
Routing stayed at yellow and the health of downloads was blue (the strength of some uploads was green)

Thinking I had chosen the wrong ones, I added eth 10;eth11; eth12 which were the SurfEasy TAP Windows Adapters 

I have not ticked any other boxes 

The routing still says at yellow/downloads blue

When I click on the icon it shows
Bindings <none> Force=no
Missing eth8;eth9eth11;eth12
Connections,x.xx (my actual ip address) in=4 out=0 XXX.XXX.x.xx in=0 out=cannot see off screen

Although it is configured to automatically detedt VPN and prompt to configure binding it did not do so.

Please note I am new to this and if I have done something stupid please put up with me