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Full Version: Just for the record..No Restore or Update
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Ok guys and gals, after reading many snppets of info from various posts on the forum, I finally figured out my issue with Vuze and want to post the problem and solution for others who may be faced with the same problem.  Just compiling everything already written into a single post.

Problem: I had to do a clean install of my OS and Vuze due to various reasons, unimportant to this post.  My problem was that Vuze would not restore or update after installing a fresh downloaded version.  True to form, it would say it restored or updated and needed to restrart.  Upon restarting, the program would not automatically open after closing.  I would sit there for 10 mintes and nothing would happen.  When finally I started it manually, no update or restore had been applied.  I panicked, thinking of years of subscriptions and tweaking that had been lost.  Made many attempts to fix it by downloading previous versions and restoring from backups, but nothing worked.

Solution: I thought Java had been installed since I did so after a request from Firefox, but I was running a-32 bit Firefox and Vuze is a 64 bit program on a 64-bit machine.  Mine is a 64-bit machine.  Firefox only downloaded the 32-bit Java version for its narcissistic self :).  As soon as I downloaded and installed the 64-bit Java, everything functioned normally.  I was able to restore and update, much to my relief.

Helpful Tip:  Set up automatic backup Tools>Options>Backup & Restore