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Full Version: Loads of connections, Plenty of internet speed, No download speed from torrents. HELP
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Firstly I have spent hours searching the web and this forum for anyone with the same issues. Coudln't Find One.

Long story short im Australian and have come to travel Europe , so I bought myself a Wifi Dongle with "3 Mobile " in the UK.
I get 20gb a month and im currently in France where i can connect to 3 networks "Orange 3G" "Free mobile 3G" or "Bouygues 3G"

I have tested my internet speed on and am getting around 1500kbps   or  1.5 Megabytes per second which is pretty good. My upload speed is around 300kbps and my ping is around 90. When i run the speed test it says my closest pick up point for the test is back in England ...? :S

Everything works perfectly. I connect to peers and seeds , however i don't get any speed from anyone. Just connections. Every now and then i might get one person who will give me 200kbps but i will never get more speed of a second person at the same time and any speed is extremely rare. These files have plenty of people sharing and i should be getting the full potential of my speed.

If theres anyone out there that can help me I would be seriously impressed and thankful !

p.s i have tried all the obvious fixes like increases my download speed and upload speed and increasing my amount of connections ect ect .
join the club last 2 weeks vuze has stopped working! my internet is not super fast 8mbps but its stable, my usual download speed is around 700-800kb's

ive not fiddled with any setting etc

just no longer works im seeing download speeds of 25kb's

even tried another pc, installed vuze & its the same so it must be something vuzes end, all other downloads are working fine, pc updates ps4 etc