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Full Version: Mac Vuze shuts down when close window. Leap too.
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Not a crash. Just reacting to closing Vuze window as if you selected 'quit program'.
I haven't changed anything in the settings to bring this on, even if there were an option as idiotic as 'shut down program when window closed'.
This has happened once before. I can't remember how I solved it then. Obviously you don't want to reset settings or reinstall the program, as that will kill all those low-seed torrents you've been downloading for a year.
Even resetting settings back to default will do that, as that will change the download and complete folders. I've tried moving the partials into the default folders but it did nothing, had to delete them all and start from scratch.
Vuze is a buggy app that for example prevents Mac (osx 10.10) from shutdown. The computer will freeze. You have to shut down Vuze, then proceed to shut down. 1995 problems.
But hey, you get what you pay for, I'm not complaining.
So I figured maybe Leap. Just installed, and it does the same thing, shuts down when you close the window.
It's probably fault of Crapple's as much as Vuze's, like that horrid Photoshop flicker and Crapple and Adoobie blame on each other while users who paid thousands for the computer and software get epilepsy.
If no solution, I'd appreciate any advice about a bug-free alternative to VuVuze.
Thank you much,