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Full Version: Are there any programs to help name episodes of TV shows I've downloaded?
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Sorry if this is obvious but I'm new to having a program organize my files for me. Can I use Vuze, Sonar, Plex or any other program to rename all of the TV shows I've already downloaded?I have a ton of shows I manually downloaded and organized into folders. e.g.
 G:\TVCurrent\Americans\season 1, (Season 2, Season 3....)  Americans.s01e01.720p.mkv
 G:\TVCurrent\Archer\Season 1, (Season 2, Season 3...)  Archer.S02e03.1080p.mkvSonarr has identified all the shows I have downloaded and haven't yet downloaded it just hasn't renamed any of them.I tried Sonarr to help found in the media management download center tab and option to rename shows. Can that be used to rename my existing / already downloaded shows e.g. convert
 Billions.S01E01.1080p.mkv to Billions - S01e02 - Naming rights - 1080p.mkvI turned it to the option in Sonarr to Yes but so far it doesn't appear to have renamed anything.
Basically, my goal is to get the episode title inserted and all the other junk out -e.g. rarbg.
I ended up using filebot which did it pretty well!