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Full Version: RSSfeed suggestions
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I'm trying to migrate from ScaneRSS to RSSfeed because the first started loosing config infos with the recent Vuze releases (after many years I used it without problems).

Now I'm facing some problems because RSS is not dowloading anything even if on the Matches column there is Done

Is it possible to let RSSfeed generate a log that can be opend from Plugins\Log views?

ScaneRSS has a very handy filter testing because it creates a list of matched items, RSSfeed only has a red/green text match string, what about a better way to show a match?

Thank you and ciao!
On the Show Info (Torrent Description window) I would like to be listed the Name/Title too, even if already available on the main list!

I would like to select where to Export/Import the configuration, I keep a backup on external disk so having the export into the plugin's folder isn't handy... :)