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Full Version: New version Opens new instance on file open
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Since installing the new version, every time I open a torrent file, instead of opening the file in the running instance it opens a new instance of vuze which fails. Windows 10.

This problem started immediately with the new version, I closed and restarted and things worked fine, for a while, then started opening a new instance again.

No other changes were implemented at the same time as the new version. Help?

EDIT: After further usage, this doesn't happen all the time. It seems to operate fine for a while, then just out of the blue, it will attempt to open a new instance, which fails.

If I close the new instance and use "Open Torrents" to add the file, about half the time, Vuze goes not responding forever and I have to end task.

Also, have been getting "not shut down tidily" messages at startup about half the time for the last couple of versions, even if a clean shutdown was performed. Yes I wait until it's completely ended in task manager. Unsure if related.