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Full Version: high download rate after download has finished
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Hi, hope someone has an answer to this little problem!

OK, download completed for days now and Vuze still downloading and hogging my limited bandwidth, but the download is complete I have all the pieces and it works.

I like to seed as much as possible and this is slowing everthing else down or so it seems, I am not on a very fast DSL to begin with so whats up?

Any Ideas would be appreciated, Ian.

Please Mods if this is out of bounds, obviously it won't be posted but would you kindly think about the problem and PM me it would be appreciated.

PS. Not happened before on a previous install under the same OS but re-installed the same OS but not a dual boot this time.

Version AZUREUS running under Zorin 9.

Ta! Ian.
That's a pretty old version of Vuze! You might want to consider upgrading to (

When all your downloads are complete Vuze will still use 'downloading' bandwidth to maintain the DHT - this shouldn't be more than a few KB/sec max though. If this is too much then you can disable the DHT (Tools->Options->Plugins->Distributed DB). However, this will remove decentralized tracking support.