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Full Version: Can we just get a permanent ad-free version for 10 bucks?
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Guys, let's be honest here, no one in sane mind would pay 25 euros per YEAR to get some DVD-burning and anti-virus features, who thought it's a good idea?
Can we just get an option to support favorite software buy paying 10 bucks for permanent ad-free version? or at least 5-year license?
just for those people who don't need any PLUS features but want to get rid of ADS, and say thanks to devs? 
please?  pretty sure it's better than just staying on free version forever

p.s. and add option to remove this nasty "vuze HD Network" results from search engines. they are always irrelevant and only bloat results.  while it's there, i will never use that for actually searching something (even though it seems to be a good feature), i'll just open google and do the search, jesus.  Why would you make it so annoying?
Hear, hear. I'm happy to support the program, just don't want Plus and the apparent hassles, and just want to toss the ads.
Does the plain donate get rid of the ads?