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Full Version: How to get existing torrents into Vuze library
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I got a new PC and had put all my downloaded torrent files from my vuze folder on the old PC onto an external HDD.

Downloaded Vuze for the new PC and linked Vuze to the folder of already downloaded torrents that i wanted to carry on seeding (i have confirmed that a new download appears in this folder).  However these are not showing up in the Vuze library (teh screen I get when I open Vuze).

I have tried the open torrent file function and add folder/add file but nothing happens.  I have tried dragging and dropping from the folder directly into Vuze but it just opens uo the add folder/file dialogue box.

The only way I can get any torrent into the Vuze library to seed is by downloading the original torrent which Vuze runs a check and confirms I have already downloaded and then it starts seeding.

Can anyone tell me how to get my existing torrents pulled into the Vuze library so they start seeding again?
Perhaps 'Backup and Restore' would have helped?

Without the original configuration files you need to do what you've been doing - re-add the torrents to Vuze and allow Vuze to recheck the files to get them seeding again
Apaologies if my thread got posted twice, although I suspect an Admin noticed.  I think presumably you vet posts from new members before they can post.

Thanks for the tip- I'll remember it next time!!!! 

I discoved the "share files" option seems to work for me so I'm OK now.