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Full Version: Vuze 5.7.1 on OpenSUSE 42.1 Leap
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I've just upgraded my OpenSUSE from 13.2 to 42.1 and having a strange issue where when I click the "details" button beside a name in the Search results I get the "Please note" message just fine, but when I click the "I understand" button the link opens in my Firefox, but Vuze crashes.  Here is the Vuze About info:

Java 1.8.0_73 (64 bit)
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4608, gtk/3.16.7
Linux v4.1.15-8-default, amd64
V5.7.1.0/4 az2

I've attached the Generated Debug log zip file...can someone help?


Hi everyone,

Did I forget something in my last post?  I have not had a single there something I can do to troubleshoot this?  Is it possibly a missing dependency?  Since the frame Vuze complains about belongs to a GTK webkit library [] could there be a compatibility issue?