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Full Version: NAT Error - Connection to x.x.x.x:xxxx (your computer) refused.
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Trying to use PIA as a socks5 proxy. Connection works fine when i have connection without proxy.
When connecting with Socks5 I gat a firewall error. Then if i do NAT test I get UDP OK but TCP comes back as NAT Error - Connection to xxx (your computer) refused.
Tried Port forwarding in router as well as Norton. checked all settings multiple times.
Again connection comes back fine when i disable Socks but get the above error when enabled.
Please help.
Are you using a VPN service or proxy sort of things. This might be the only cause. Otherwise I don't know.
I will try myself whether this beta works properly with VPN on or not. I'll let you know!
Yes using Socks5 proxy.
Without the proxy my connection is fine.
thanks for the help
I would try asking whoever supplies you with the proxy if you have not discovered the problem as of yet.