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Full Version: How to submit patches
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How to submit patches - vuze-dev

To submit patches for review please create a new thread and append the patch file to the thread.
Related changes can be added to the same thread if they emerge as part of the discussion or the patch has not yet been applied. Otherwise a new thread should be created for each patch. Please avoid packing many unrelated changes into a single patch as we might reject the patch as a whole instead of just one of its parts.

A patch MUST be against the current SVN trunk.

In your thread you should a summary of what your patch fixes, which feature it implements etc.

Patches are mainly reviewed on 2 levels:
1. Usefulness/necessity of the implemented feature/bugfix
2. Proper implementation of that change

By submitting patches to the forum you agree to place them in the public domain, thus allowing vuze developers to use them as they see fit.
Should they be incorporated into Vuze the resulting sourcecode will be made available under the GPL.

In Eclipse you can create a patch against the current SVN tree by rightclicking on the file/directory/entire project -> team -> create patch.

Make sure you have selected "unified" and "project" in the last step of the wizard.