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vuze not working in fedora 25 with wayland
i have been using vuze for ages with linux and never had a you may know fedora recentely changed their default display driver from xorg to wayland and seems that vuze is not compatible with that...i can launch the program but i cannot download anything since the start download button is cutted from the window space...any way to solve this apart from returning to old display driver?i'll post you a screenshot so you'll better understand

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Is that Vuze ?
Just testing things out - as you say, bit of a mess on Wayland - it is the SWT support that is dodgy, hopefully someone there is working on things...
I did improve things a bit (dialog is still messed up) in the latest beta, then again this might only be an improvement for me running within a VirtualBox VM.
no unfortunately fedora 25 ships with
hmm :( You can always manually install the latest version by unzipping

tried it and it's not changing anything...executed correctly (even if it crashes sometimes) but the result is the same as
did you try updating to the latest beta after installing it? I'm not holding out much hope but I'd be interested if anything improved.

Join the 'beta' program via the Help menu -
unfortunately i can't join the beta release since it does not work in fedora...if i select join the beta program nothing happens and i get the yellow triangle in the right down corner...could you please provide me latest beta here as you did with like azureus package on fedora is mantained by fedora and it's only updated when a new fedora is released...
You can manually install the latest beta from

Download beta 8 (Azureus5741-B08.jar), rename it to 'Azureus2.jar' and replace the one in the directory with this one.
done...this way azureus is not starting at all...the process start and then it suddenly closes itself without even launching the loading screen...
any news on wayland support?
The issues are with SWT, the graphical library that Vuze uses (, perhaps they'll fix things...
they, are you talking about eclipse team?

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