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vuze leap features and bug
tryied the vuze leap beta yesterday and there are some things you should work on it...

1 when i click on update in settings vuze leap tell me ht can't connect to the server
2 i can't choose which file to download on a torrent
3 can't see share ratio nor peers and seeds
4 torrent is seeding only while it's downloading
5 can't create a new torrent
6 can't add manually a torrent but just open it via browser (either magnet or torrent link)
7 the download section should open result page in vuze like the vuze original client does
8 the play section should let us organize media files for artist and album or at least to create folders
9 the play section should have a built in media player like vuze
10 downloads should be organized in downloading and downloaded
11 tag or categories would be nice to have

Hello Luca,

Thank you for your taking the time to test Leap!
We really appreciate it.

Here is some feedback to your items:
1 - The update server is currently off. It will be turned on in the following days and once that happens you will receive a different status when checking for updates.
2 - We are considering adding the file selection feature. Trying to implement it in a way that does not complicate the torrent-add process too much for new users.
3 - You can see the number of seeders/peers by hovering over the signal bar associated with each torrent task in the Download tab. We will add share ratio there as well!
4 - The torrent should still be seeding after the download is complete.
5 - Considering this as a feature in Leap.
6 - If Leap is set as your default torrent client(check the Settings tab) then you can double click a local .torrent file to add it to Leap. We are working on a drag-and-drop over UI feature as well for simplified adding of local files.
7 - The 'details' link associated to each result in takes you to the page where the torrent was found.
8 - Good suggestion. We surely plan on improving the Play tab.
9 - Planned for the longer road as well.
10 - This and other improvements to follow for the Download tab in the following updates. You will be able to categorize the tasks easier.
11 - Agreeing with this, look for improvements in the following updates.
 thx for taking the time to read my message...i've always used vuze but switched to bittorrent last year because vuze was too it's nice to see you're planning a lightweight client :)
anyway to other suggestion i have
1 when clicking the exit button app shoul minimize to tray bar like vuze does
2 (another suggestion that you should do even on your original vuze client)
bittorrent have a remote client that let me use torrent even on my windows phone 7...and it work really well...
vuze has no app for windows phone 7 but just an web interface that anyway is too much bugged to use in my windows phone 7 and it's not working outside my network area while bittorrent app work flawlessy...anyway to solve this? :)

Hi again and thanks for the feedback!

1. Minimize to tray is already worked upon as a feature.
2. I know we did an update on the remote web interface some time ago. Have you tried using it recently?
Outside-the-network connectivity should work, make sure you aren't firewalled on your Vuze desktop client.
just tryied but unfortunately web interface is not working outside of my local network...while my bittorrent app work flawlessy...vuze remote is paired with client while bit torrent app is paired with users...maybe you should do something like this or explain me how to configure my network...and anyway an app for wp7 would be really nice...cause vuze web remote is not that quick (and clear) while bittorrent app is fast and clear...

anyway keep improving the leap client...very nice app...
other thing you should add...
file selection when clicking on a torrent...some years ago bittorrent released an alpha of bittorrent 8 (discontinued after 2 releases) and it had a very nice and modern interface and when clicking on a torrent all information scrolled down with a file list selection...would be nice to have a similar thing in leap... :)
Hi Luca,

Related to the remote interface not working, I can put you in contact with our support team, they might be able to help.

File selection is planned as well and that sounds like a nice ideea. We will see how we decide to integrate it.


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