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vuze downloading for multiple users on one device
Hi guys, so I was looking for a way to log off my user account on windows 10 and have another users account carry on seeding/downloading the same torrents. Is there a way to do that?

Java 1.8.0_91 (32 bit)
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 10 v10.0, x86
V5.7.1.0/4 az3
This must not be possible :(
what are you trying to achieve?
Basically I wanted the 1 laptop to download the same material no matter who was logged on. So when I log off and go to work and someone else logs on my downloads continue on the other users vuze. Can the two be linked like that on the same device?
Looks good friend. Searched and searched but didnt have the right terminology it seems. Hopefully get it going wednesday. Thanks again.
good luck!
Fair play, this worked a charm. My sincerest thanks.

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