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vuze Connection error, no vuze installed!
Hi all, this is my first post, but I really would need help, this is driving me crazy.

I do have a Vodafone LG G2 with android 4.4.2. No rooted, no apps installed outside play store except Adobe flash player downloaded from the Adobe site. Yesterday I saw a system popup message (like the one when you disconnect from your WiFi) saying: "vuze para android device desconectado" in Spanish: "vuze for android device disconnected"

The problem is I never installed Vuze on this phone.... I tried to run a file search with vuze term, but nothing. My feeling is some app could be using some vuze library or something but, FOR WHAT???? It sounds really really weird, and now I really wonder if my phone data is safe.

Any suggestion about ports that I can look into to detect what app is generating this?

Can somebody help me?


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