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uploading/downloading stalls
After starting up Vuze my seeds start uploading but after a short time they stop.  If I restart Vuze they will start upoading again.  Similar things happen to downloads but not as frequently.  I opened the port in my router and I have remote peer connections.  I've never had this problem before until I installed it on my new laptop.

There are so many settings that I wondered if someone could point me in the right direction.
All uploading is done on the request of the peers that don't have a piece of the file (as opposed to the seeder actively pushing data to the peers)

I can't think of a reason as to why things would start uploading on a Vuze start and then stop after a while though - you could check the state of the other peers when upload isn't occurring to see if they have made any requests for data (there are columns you can enable in the Peers view to see this - right click on the Peers view table header and select 'column setup')

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