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upload limit exceeded
guys i have kept my upload limit as 1KBps still its taking up alot of data...
i have limited data and this creates problem for me.....can vuze people tell me what to do
its taking up over 100KBPS and its causing me data loss


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Ok do you understand the difference between kBps and kbps????

kB = kiloByte
kb = kilobit

8 kilobits = 1 kiloByte

Typically ISP's and speed tests will report speeds in kbit/sec (or Mbit/sec or Gbit/sec if you are really lucky LOL) where as most software on your computer will report speeds in kByte/sec.

So a lot of people get that confused.

Is it possible that you set your upload limit thinking you were setting kbit/sec but you actually set it in kByte/sec?  That is a difference of a factor of 8 (or 8 * X if you prefer).

That is a very common mistake.

Or in your case you might have set the limit to be about 1 Mbit/sec.  1 Mbit = 128 kByte

since you are seeing about 100 KByte/sec that is a strong possibility.

If you really want to limit your upload speed to 1 kbit/sec . . . I would strongly advise against that because your download speed is going to suffer.  A number around 10 kbit/sec would be much better.  (10 kbit/sec = 1.25 kByte/sec)

So are you asking how to change your max allowed upload speed???

If so what version of Vuze are you using and do you use Classic UI  or the Vuze UI?

I only use the Classic UI LOL so I could only tell you the shortcut if you are using classic as well ;-).  If you are using Vuze UI I would have to explain the longer method.

I think from that screen shot that you are using the Classic UI but it never hurts to ask!

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