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torrent importing
I've created a torrent using ( I have added a functionality myself to the python code to allow for a -C flag to add a category. It succesfully creates the torrent with the information I give it. Once i try to import this torrent into vuze via "add <path>" it adds the torrent but does not recognize the category field and does not add it(category field). A comment field is also specified when creating the torrent through py3createtorrent and that is successfully recognized and displayed when I add the torrent to vuze. Why would Vuze not recognize the category field on the torrent when its added? 
Where's the torrent specification for supporting categories? Not heard of it before...
(02-10-2015, 03:02 PM)'parg' Wrote: Where's the torrent specification for supporting categories? Not heard of it before...


I added it myself. It is not on the original py3createtorrent. The attached file is the python script with the added category option. I changed the extension to .txt as it would not let my attach it as a .py. You can see the -C option on line 469. Line 692 and 822 are all the places I added code to support the category field. After creating the torrent through my modified and running "less <name>.torrent" I can see that the torrent file saved the category within the torrent file. But when I try to import it to Vuze the category field does not get added.  





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My point is more - why do you expect this to work? Vuze handles .torrent files as specified here:

There is no 'category' field so Vuze (and any other clients) isn't going to magically recognise it.

What if there were multiple categories? Should it be called 'categories', or maybe 'cats'? Should it actually be 'tag(s)' as that is what Vuze is moving to, rather than categories.

Should it be a b-encoded list? Or a comma separated string?

Anyway, categories are somewhat personal taxonomies and probably shouldn't be in the .torrent file at all.

You can use the 'hack' command to set a torrent's category after adding it.
I see your point. My thinking in adding the category field was more along the automation lines. It would allow for torrent creation outside of Vuze and an import the torrent directly into an RSS feed. This would eliminate the need for the 'hack' step and would allow you to make a torrent on the cli and your work would stop there. 

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