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is this playback device for tivo no longer available. also how many converted videos can i store in the dvd menu? or is there somewhere i can place them once they have been converted? or do i have to convert the same film everytime i want to convert to watch it? im completely new at this any help would be much appriciated
Unfortunately, Vuze Devices is not supported by TiVo Roamio.  It appears that this is intentional on the part of TiVo as a way to force TiVo owners to buy TiVo Desktop Plus ($15).

Vuze Devices does still work for earlier TiVo models.  For example, it still works on my TiVo HD XL (which is essentially a later-model Series 3).

To answer your question about how to use Vuze Devices, once you've turned on Devices in Vuze, an icon will show up in Devices for your (older-model) TiVo.  To transcode, you just drag the video into the workspace in Vuze associated with your TiVo's icon.  Then, with Vuze running, look for Vuze in the Now Playing List on your TiVo.  Select Vuze in the list, and the videos that you have transcoded will show up as being available for transfer.  Clicking on a video will open a window giving options for transferring that particular video.  You only need to transcode and transfer the video once; after you have transferred the video to your TiVo, you may delete the video from your computer.

If your TiVo is a Roamio, it's all moot, because Vuze won't show up in your TiVo (or so I've read).  Given the changes TiVo has made with Roamio (e.g., no support for Vuze, no antenna input for anything but the base model, etc.), I am glad I have hung on to my old HD XL.

TiVo HD XL's with lifetime licenses are available on eBay for < $200, by the way.






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