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swarm merge observation
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I have been using experimenting with the swarm merge feature.
I downloaded a torrent consisting of mainly a video and a few auxiliary files. It stopped at 97%
Then I found another torrent which had some additional files (screen caps) but also the same 1.5Gb video.
2. torrent slowly grew due to swarm merge, (my download PC is very slow) but none the less it grew somewhat faster than it downloaded :-)

When second torrent then completed, (after DL the remaining 3%) the first torrent kept being stuck. I would have expected it to merge backwards from the torrent now seeding.

I then deleted some of the small aux files in torrent 2. (screen caps), and then set then to DL again on low priority, and capping the DL speed to 2 Kb/s.
This made the video merge back to torrent 1 whereupon it became complete, and started seeding. :-)

I now have more or less same situation with 3 torrents on 1.56 Gb
Torrent 1 is completed with a swam merge of 50Mb, torrent 2 is stuck at 95,7% with a merge of 1.58Gb(!), torrent 3 is stuck at 95.1% with a 1.43Gb merge.
I can't do the "delete some files" trick here as torrent 1 is only one file.

I really like this new Swarm Merge feature.
If the corner case I'm trying to describe above is real, and not only because of my low power system, I would love to see that fixed.
That would enable me to be the nice guy seeding otherwise dead torrents :-)

Best regards...

There was an edge case that is fixed in the latest beta builds ( but I'm not sure this is the issue.

The swarm-merge feature is mainly aimed at completing at least one of the downloads rather than completing them all - the use case being that you want file X and, until X is complete (from one of the downloads that contains it) it'll download/share X from the various downloads. However, once a download completes you have a copy of all the files in that download and it'll stop trying to merge that download's files back into any incomplete ones you may still have.

So in your example you have completed torrent 1 and it will no longer merge this back into torrent 2/3. If you want to help out the torrent 2/3 swarms then you would need to stop 1/2/3, manually copy the file from torrent 1 into the torrent 2/3 downloads (renaming as required) and then force-recheck2/3 and restart them.
I am now a power user with 15 megabit per second upload from my base station and up to 1GB upload speeds (rarely ever seen by the way) from a seed box and I am using swarm merge every time Vuze (latest beta) tells me there are other torrents out there with the same file.  It is great,  speeds up my download no end and helps others as well,  WIN WIN I would say, well apart from the fact that I end up with 3 or 4 of the same file downloaded at my end, but that is easy... It is called the delete button.  It also works a treat, which is just as well with some of the rubbish they call films these days tee hee [img=45x20]wink_smile.gif

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