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[split] malware contained in update
(08-23-2014, 10:00 AM)'parg' Wrote: Official Vuze installers do not include malware - did you get the installer from, sourceforge or via auto-udpate?

I just completely wiped and reinstalled OSX. The first thing I installed was Avast Anti Virus, the 2nd program I installed (or tried to install) was Vuze Leap. During the Vuze Leap installation, Avast blocked MacOS:Spigot-O. I only accepted to install Vuze and declined the 'special offers' 
There is no other installed program on my computer, I have not used the computer to browse the internet more than to go to Avast and to Vuze. My conclusion, VUZE installer DOES contain malware. 100% without a doubt.

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