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sources tab not matching seeds peers on torrent
I have a torrent tracker status "OK" and green smily.  If I go to the sources tab for that torrent shows a number of http, udp, and DHT based peers and seeds.  Without getting to deep, take an example that I don't get.  So I have one UDP tracker that shows:

Peers: 5
Seeds: 1
Leechers: 4
Completed: 63

Two items:

1. The torrent itself shows 0 of 0 seeds and 4 of 4 peers.  Why isn't the one seed showing as like 0 of 1 seeds or something?

2. What is the difference between the nominclature in the four fields I listed above?  Was originally thinking peers and leechers was the same but apparently not so curious what they all mean other than seeds.


It's complicated and not definitive.

I tend to think that:

A peer as someone who is either uploading, downloading or both.
A seed is someone who has 100% of the torrent and is sharing it.
A leecher is someone who is downloading, but may also be uploading.

So your 1 seed + 4 leechers = 5 peers.

But other Internet sources have different definitions.

Your "Completed: 63" probably means you have received 63% of the file(s).
Quote:Completed: 63
Means that 63 peers have completely downloaded the torrent content using this tracker since the torrent file was first uploaded to this tracker.

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